Misc. Church News from MCGS Newsletters

ABSTRACTS from “The Carthaginian”, published at Carthage, NC. (reprinted from November 1986 MCGS newsletter):
In West End, NC, the CULDEE Presbyterian Church celebrated its 100th anniversary with a big Homecoming program on Sep 21. An article by Woodrow Wilhoit in the Southern Pines PILOT of Sep 25th 1985 described the historic occasion. He described a petition signed on the 7th of April 1886 at Lumber Bridge presented to the Fayetteville Presbytery asking for a church to be organized. The list given in his article shows a preponderance of Scottish names and may be of interest to our readers. Some were M D McCrummen, D P McDonald, Margaret Vuncannon, W S Bailey, M L Morris, J L McKeithen, and several Blues, Wickers, McKenzies, McNeills and Pattersons.


A SKETCH OF THE HISTORY, CHRONICLES AND RECORDS OF MINERAL SPRINGS CHURCH (originally transcribed and indexed by Marie Smith Gordon; reprinted from September 1988 MCGS Newsletter):  Mineral Springs Presbyterian Church is today known as Jackson Springs (North Carolina) Presbyterian Church. The Founding Elders and early members lived along Drowning Creek which separates Moore County from Montgomery and Richmond Counties. They were descendants of a group of Scots who chose to side with the British in the American Revolution. In about 1813 the Scots near Mineral Springs started holding church services there during the summer months. In 1819 the Rev John Paterson organized the church and ordained the following Elders: Duncan Patterson, Kenneth Clark, Malcolm McCrummen and Hugh McDonald. The minutes of the church record trials for drunkeness, slander and several other offenses that would not draw much attention today. Scots taking the most room in the index are Bailey, Black, Brown, Campbell, Clark, Curry, Dawkins, Graham, McCaskill, McDonald, McFarland, McInnis, McKay, Monroe, Patterson, Ray, Robeson and Stewart. These are descendants of people mentioned in the Rev Caruthers book – “Wade, Culp and Captain Bogan came down into this country to avenge the Piney Bottom Massacre. They tortured Piper Patterson who lived in Richmond County opposite the old Kenneth Clark’s houseplace; and forced him to give up the names of all he knew to be engaged in that crime. It is said that the Piper named Kenneth Clarks’s sons and Alexander McLeod and possibly Daniel McMillian as being implicated in Piney Bottom. Captain Bogan’s men crossed over the creek and killed Alexander McLeod, Daniel McMillian and John Clark. Kenneth Clark was at that time a very old man, but he and his women folks were ordered to bury the corpses by the next day.”  [Note: Mrs. Gordon published A SKETCH OF THE HISTORY, CHRONICLES AND RECORDS OF MINERAL SPRINGS CHURCH in 1988 in soft cover.  It was 116 pages in length and available for purchase from her. It is now available to read on-line.  Just Google the above title.]


Misc. Marriage/Death Records from MCGS Newsletters

EARLY MARRIAGE RECORDS – CUMBERLAND COUNTY – 1834-50 (Originally transcribed and submitted by Florence Hardy from Cypress Presbyterian Church located on Harnett/Moore line; reprinted from November 1986 newsletter):
John Ferguson married Catharine Priest – 23 Jan 1834.
Neill Shaw married Flora Cameron – 27 Feb 1834.
Daniel McIntosh of Buffalow Ch married Margaret Shaw – 29 Mar 1834.
Allen Cameron married Catharine McLean – 30 Sep 1834.
James Jackson married Jennet McGoigor – 15 Oct 1834.
A F (J) L Cameron married Isabella McFayden of Cumberland Co Longstreet Ch – 7 May 1835 by Rev E McNair.
William Cameron married Margaret Cameron (John’s dau) by Daniel McCormick.
– 12 Mar 1835
William Keith married Sara J (I) Matthews by Rev A McCollum.
Arch McCollum married Mary McLeo – no date.
Peter Munroe married Mary Cameron – no date.
Samuel Cameron married Catharine Blue – no date.
Daniel Johnson married Anabella Cameron – no date.
Neill Graham of Union (church) married Catharine McGrigor – no date.

Peter Munroe married Isabella Jane Cameron – no date.
A A McKeithen married Catharine McLeod 20 Dec 1950 by Rev. McAlister

Joseph Bynum married Mary Ann Stuart  22 Jan 1950 by A J Cameron, Esquire.

L E Johnson married Amanda Worthy – no date.


Marriage Record, Moore County (reprinted from March 1988 MCGS newsletter):
This is a narrow, rather small book, which contains the earliest marriages (other than those found in the back of the Will Book A) recorded in Moore County. In the back of this book is a list of marriages which are labeled, “Unofficially Recorded”. These marriages, on five pages, are as follows:
Page I-Gideon A Thompson and Nicey P Oates married 5 Sep 1843. Wm John Kelly and Lovedy McKeithan married 4 Oct 1843. Isaac H Rowan and Sarah McIver were married 16 Nov 1843. D R Shaw and Lovedy Jane Blue were married 26 Feb 1846. Dani~ McDonald and Mary J McNeill married 24 Dec 1846. A A McKeithan and Catherine McLeod married 20 Dec 1849. Joseph H M Bynum and Mary Ann Stewart married 22 Jan 1850. Daniel Turner and Lydia Blue were married 28 Oct 1847.
Page 2-Alex McNeill and Julia Rowan were married 1 Sep 1842. Daniel McKeithan and Lovedy Black married 17 Dec 1846. Daniel B Black and Ann McNeill were married 24 Mar 1842. Lemuel Slone and Catharine Campbell married 10 ___ 1842. Patrick Munroe and C Margaret McNeill married 21 Nov 1842. Patrick A McKeithan and Margaret Black married 20 Jan 1842 Neill Currie and Jennet Leach were married 3 Oct 1844. Dougald McDougald and Elizabeth Jane McNeill were married 21 Oct 1844. John A McKeithan and C C Smith were married 16 Apr 1846.
Page 3-Archibald Ray and Ann C Blue were married 4 Mar 1847. Patrick M Blue and Sarah E McNeill married 26 Dec 1844.
Page 4-Alexander Leach and Christian Blue lawfully joined 5 Mar 1812. Whose age is 27, 15 May-!812. Whose age is 19, 20 Dec 1812. Duncan Johnston records his marriage with Margaret McNeill agreeable to law being consumated 30 Aug 1792. Malcolm McNeill and Catherine McDonald were married the 31st of Aug 1792.
Page 5-Alexander J Monroe and Christian M Johnson, daughter of Alexander Johnson were married 21 Jan 1836. John M Gaster and Mary Margaret Morris married 14 Dec 1854 A A McKeithan and Catherine McLeod married 20 Dec 1849.

State Archives, Raleigh, NC
“Moore County Misc. Records, 1823-1828”, CR 068.928.4 “Marriage Licenses, 1823-1828” Needham Bryant and Margaret Black, 2 Jan 1843. Alexander Campbell and Flora McDonald, 25 Feb 1821. James ~ and Florah Black, 12 Dec 1822.
Submitted by Eloise Knight

Reprinted from March 1989 MCGS Newsletter:

Moore County Marriages, 1851-1867, continued from July 1988 ••• 15 Aug 1852 – Daniel Riddle & Catherine Kelly; John McNeill, JP 22 Aug 1852 – Daniel 0 Warner & Mary Jane Willis. John Shaw, JP 28 -Sep 1852 – Benjamin D Black & Mary Elizabeth Ann Savage. John McNeill, JP 23 Sep 1852 – Mathew H Godfrey: & Mary Cimbre?. J R Sloan, JP

20 Oct 1852 – Henry J Thomas & Sarah Ann Elizabeth Agnes Eleaner Wicker. Wm R Berryman, JP 13 Oct 1852 – William 0 Harrington & Eliza Frances Patterson. John R McIntosh, JP 17 Sep 1852 – William Wicker & Margaret Parrish. Abel Kelly, JP 9 Sep[1852]- John McIver & Nancy Blackmon. Thomas Rillins, JP 16 Dec 1852 – Pleasant P Terry(?) & Otelia A Alston. John Shaw, JP 8 May 1852 – Elisha R Harrington & Elizabeth Alston.
19 Aug 1852
19 Dec 1852
R W Goldston, JP – Alexander M!.!.1.. & (wifels name not given). In 1860 census it is “Fannie”. J Bean, JP – Noah Auman & Martha Golahorn(?).
25 Nov 1852 – Andrew K Wicker & 28 Oct 1852 – William Kennedy &
George W Cagle, Esq Sarah A McLennan. T Rollins, JP Susannah Teaque 6 Dec 1852
George Cagle, Esq – William Brown & Priscila Thomas. Absolam Kelly, JP – Pleasant Smith & Mary Fry. J Bean, JP

Andrew K. Wicker and Sarah A. McLennan 25 Nov 1852 T. Rollins, JP; Jackson Crabtree/Emily Fry 2 Jan 1853, Jesse Bean, JP; Lockhart Fry/Margaret E. Fry 15 Jan 1853 Jesse Bean, JP



The Carthaginian, published at Carthage, Submitted by Eloise Wicker Knight
Thurs, 28 Feb 1878 (reprinted from May 1987 MCGS Newsletter):
Deaths; 1) Sophia B Arnett of diptheria, 25 Sep 1877. 7 yrs, 9 days, 8 mos.
2) Mrs Elizabeth Ann McKenzie, 26 Jan 1878. 24 yrs, 10 mos, 4 days. Leaves 2 small children, Nellie 4 and Charlie 2. Buried Union Church.

Originally submitted by James Vann Comer (reprited from January 1989 MCGS Newsletter) Wed.10 August 1881 — Cherry Cox died today with dropsy. Thurs. 11 August 1881 — Cherry Cox was buried at Bethlehem. She was a member of that Church.

Tues. 29 Nov. 1881 — Mrs. Cassie McIntosh was buried at Bensalem today. She died Sunday Night [Nov 27th] with consumption.