All About Moore County Folks

Reprinted from September 1985 MCGS Newsletter:
[Note: The Carthage Blade was a newspaper published in Carthage, NC, Moore County. Digital volumes available on line for the years 1887-1907.]
THE CARTHAGE BLADE, March 29, 1905
Reminiscences of “W” of going to school to Rev. Angus McNeill in Carthage:
” •• • I remember a fine looking young man, William H. Wiley, at school. I was a boy – he a grown man. I never saw or heard any more of him, but one day a short time after the bloody battle of 7 pines, our regiment, during the Seven Days fight, marched over the battle ground and I saw a piece of board at the head of a grave, inscribed “Lt. William H. Wiley, 5th Ala. Reg •• • ”


MOORE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING Thurs 4 Apr 1878 (reprinted from MCGS May 1987 newsletter):
John C Buie allowed $100 for keeping John Buie.
Malcolm Kelly released from paying .75 tax on land in Bensalem Twnsp.
Released from paying double tax for 1877: A S Kelly (under age), Aaron Cole, D Hall.
J W Morrison released from double tax on poll for 1877.
K Ray released from paying $1.53 tax for 1877.
Samuel Barrett released from paying $18.37 tax for 1874-listed twice.
William Murchison, pauper allowed $3 per month for support.
B L Johnson allowed $3 per month for J Davis, pauper.
Ads: M M Fry Exc. of Lockhart Fry against Archie Ray adm of Kenneth Black.
John Shaw and John Jackson adms of W M Parson.

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